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Technical-commercial service. Monitoring and Post-sale service 


Each request or invitation to purchase, activates a technical and commercial process, which objectives are rigorously defined and evaluated in the interested client. In a diverse market, transected by numerous slices of marketing concepts, applications, and technical categories, Merging Select undertakes to advise and accompany its clients in the interpretation, research and planning the most appropriate solution. Merging Select develops the convenient technical meetings with customers, promoting products and solutions presentations, comparisons and organizing demonstrations. 


For enterprises and professional users, as usual procedure, each acquisition, each delivery of equipment according to its category, is certified by a delivery protocol where all components are tested, ensuring proper state, configuration and tuning. The protocol involves the necessary "key technical training", which presents the basis for the use and maintenance of the solution or product, educating and sensitizing users the best and most appropriate use practices. According to the characteristics of the operation, Merging Select extends its intervention temporal scheduling accompaniments, sometimes needed to ensure integration, proper use and proper arrangement and performance of the equipment or system in the field. This is how MS shares the optimization procedures with the rental technical team companies. 


For installers and designers companies, Merging Select maintains the basic procedures of the technical protocol delivery, depending on the category of acquisitions and could expand their services as defined in consensual planning project. Merging Select offer to their customers, some of the specific services integrable in various stages of development of each project. 


Merging Select is coordinated and closely linked with its suppliers and partners. This ensures assistance for product activation and ensuring timeliness of the manufacturers warranty.