Merging Select is a company dedicated to the world of professional audio, which is based on a supply of services and equipment. As a distributor, exclusively represents a set of secured competence brands, developing commercial activities, specialized services and education to professionals. 


Merging Select offers solutions in all areas where sound reinforcement, broadcast and signal processing are integrated. Builders, installers, engineering, developers and system integrators, implement MS equipment  their projects. In the professional territory, rental companies, recording studios, radio, television and some specialty stores, discover in the partnership with MS, an asset for your business and your customers. 


Besides the wide range of equipment specifically designed for 'touring' and concerts - used by rental companies, orchestras prom and other performing artists - Merging Select solutions dedicated to projects and installation, cover the sound and allocation technique auditoriums, theaters, multipurpose spaces, rooms for conferences and exhibitions, museums, theme parks, places of worship, education centers, shops, shopping centers, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, residential areas, casinos, transportation terminals, sports centers, football fields and other permanent installations. 


Merging Select a firm with attitude, service and support. The specialization and affinity with the related technical areas, along with its extensive experience, privilege their qualified position in the process of interpretation, planning, predictability and decision on each proposal. Merging Select therefore commits the monitoring of projects and acquisitions, providing for such purposes, assistance, consultancy and a range of specialized services where the optimization of systems and training has its maximum expression and independence. 





• Specialize suppliers in implementing solutions dedicated to sound reinforcement, broadcast and audio signals process 

• Sales support and marketing. Technical advice and planning 

• Follow-up and after-sales service. Technical support and training 

• consulting and development solutions 

• Projects. Partnerships and schedules participated 

• Installation: steering area, coordination and follow-up 

• Redevelopment and renovation of facilities solutions and residents 

• Sound system design and optimization of systems. Independent service available for all suppliers, installers, owners and users of systems for sound reinforcement 

• Recovery, tuning and optimization of sound systems 

• Vocational training. Training and qualification sector