Merging Select educacional Program . PDF 

Merging Select Education is an independent initiative that intends to promote training and professional expertise for technicians and sound engeniers. Focused in the area of ​​sound reinforcement, seminars Merging Select are directed without distinction to self-taught professional ,  business crews, institutions or those who aca demically formed, belong to the artistic fields, professionals or business related. 


Merging Select Education intends gradually opening to usefull thematics, modern and attractive, besides having all the interest in exploring new forms of pedagogical and didactics. In this first phase presents a simple and effective program that aims to cover the key areas of knowledge related to sound reinforcement. Our experience as active professionals, leads us to interpret that a proper review of the formative experience in core subjects, strengthens the structure and the professional trust, regulates its factors of universal knowledge, broadens his language, his ability and semantic communication, power and its sensitivity, creativity and discovery of abstract factors involved. 


The contents covered are presented with rigor and transparency that the practice prompts. Theoretical subjects are brought to a close with a familiar context and accessible language that justifies its indisputable understanding. The practical development of the materials present in the whole process of merging Select seminars, strengthens the effectiveness of their own selection of subjects. 

Merging Select Education